Privacy can be complicated.
We help make it simple.

At Garabyte, we work with companies to build programs and processes that protect personal data. The data privacy landscape is ever-changing. This is driven by both regulatory requirements and customer expectations. Companies that want to excel need a culture that prioritizes privacy.

Making privacy a priority.

Discussions about privacy are increasingly taking center stage at executive tables due to a growing demand to maximize the value of data. This complex and evolving landscape means privacy and data protection are fundamental business issues and critical to an organization’s success.

Founded by Monifa Brooks and Susie Hendrie, at Garabyte we use our privacy expertise to make your organization stronger. Having honed our privacy skills at a leading Canadian telecommunications company working on some of the most cutting-edge privacy matters, we bring years of expertise to build or support your privacy program.

Why privacy matters

Data is central to the operation of any organization. Strong data management and privacy protection is not a nice to have, it is a must have. It is central to trust, reputation and when done well, it provides a competitive advantage. At Garabyte we support compliance and provide strategic advice.

Who we work with

Whether you are starting from square one or have already invested in your privacy program, we provide privacy advice to suit your requirements and budgets.

Effective privacy programs must be collaborative and all encompassing. Data privacy cannot exist in a vacuum. We partner with IT, cyber security, marketing, fraud, internal audit and other relevant internal stakeholders to provide the best results to enable your business.

Why Privacy Matters

Solutions we offer

Unsure of where your organization sits with regards to its privacy practices? The health check will provide you with a comprehensive assessment on the state of your program.

It is crucial that your employees know what their obligations are with regards to managing privacy. We collaborate with clients to devise and deliver customized training programs.

Customer privacy knowledge is often overlooked but in great demand. We can help you develop the right positioning to ensure your customers know how you prioritize their privacy.

Privacy impact assessments, vendor management, assistance with consent management, breach incident support, drafting of policies, whether your team is new or well established, Garabyte can provide this support.

Are there impending or outstanding obligations that you need to comply with? Garabyte is well versed in bringing regulatory requirements to life, from scoping to business implementation.

If you are contemplating how to build a functional privacy team to meet your compliance and data governance requirements, Garabyte can assist.

Our team will help you assess what technology will enhance your privacy program in a cost-effective way. We also assist with aspects of scoping and implementation of technology.

If you want to build a reputation as a privacy leader either as an individual or as an organization, Garabyte can support the development of a content and outreach strategy to help you make your mark.

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